International Academic Conferences in Prague: 


IAC-EeL 2014 - Education and E-learning

IAC-EMM 2014 - Economics, Management and Marketing


Conference Program Dates

Thursday - Friday, August 7 – 8, 2014



CSVTS - Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies

Novotného lávka 5, Prague 1, Czech Republic


About the Conferences

International Academic Conferences in Prague 2014 are an important international gathering of scholars, educators and PhD students. Scientific conferences IAC-EeL and IAC-EMM 2014 will take place in conference facilities located in Prague, the touristic, business and historic center of Czech Republic. 

Conference topics 1 will include Education, Teaching, Learning and E-learning.

Conference topics 2 will include Economics, Management, Marketing.

Conference language: English language.


Conference organized by:

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences,
Department of Logistics and Management of Transport


MAC Prague consulting (educational organization)


The organizational team:

Ing. Jiri Vopava – Czech Technical University in Prague

Ing. Radek Kratochvil – Czech Technical University in Prague  

Ing. Vladimir Douda – Czech Technical University in Prague


The last conference - video

IAC in Prague

August 7 - 8, 2014